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New Surf Spot found in Bali

New Surf Spot found in Bali


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New surf spot found in Bali.

Bali for many years has been inundated by thousands of surfers

 from all over the world; ever since the early seventies surfers have checked out every reef and beach trying to find their own private piece of paradise.

I first went to Bali in 79 as a 17 year old surfer with long time friend Steve Hensby. I remember as if it was yesterday - Steve and I planing our bold trip to this place we had just saw in the Dick Hooles surf movie classic STORM RIDERS. We went to our local travel agent to book and they had never heard of Bali. We came back the next day and they told us that it was in Indo. Six months later we were living the dream and walking up the beach lost at Kuta pinching ourselves. Much has changed since then. I just spoke to my wife today in Bali on a holiday and she told me that she was going on an "ELEPHANT SAFARI" ???????

In 79 Ulu, Pandang, and Kuta reefs were the main breaks along with Medowi and Sanur. Over the years countless others including Bingim, Impossibles, Balian, Nusa Dua and Chunguu are now known by all. Here are some photos of Line Up team rider David Zimmer at a new Bali spot. Its nice to know they are still out there.

Big Bottom Turn; looking for the top.