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Western Samoa, in the heart of Polynesia, is located in the centre of the South Pacific Ocean. It is a country which has sustained its' culture and traditions over many centuries and has largely remained untouched by Western influences. The Fa'ai Samoa, the Samoan way of life, is one that is genuinely friendly and hospitable.

Western Samoa consists primarily of the two islands of Upolu and Savai'i. The country's other uninhabited islands lie in the strait separating these two major islands. Upolu, the main island of Western Samoa, has an area of 1115 sq. km.

Apia, the capital of Western Samoa, is located on the North coast of Upolu and is the centre of trade and commerce. The country has a population of 165,000 of which 120,000 live on Upolu with the remainder living on Savai'i and the other two inhabited islands.

Lying close to the equator, between the latitudes of 13 and 16 degrees South, Western Samoa experiences hot and tropical conditions all year round. Because of the central mountainous region on Upolu, temperatures are cooler on the highlands.

The surrounding waters remain warm all year round, thus there is little or no necessity to bring any type of wetsuit. The beaches and reefs all around Western Samoa are home to brilliant tropical fish and colourful coral. The beaches also provide a picture perfect view of a tropical paradise with fine white sand on coconut tree lined beaches all along the coast.

In the Western Samoan capital of Apia will be found a variety of entertaining local nightlife with a number of locations having live Samoan bands and providing eating and dining facilities to suit all tastes.

Surfing Conditions

Samoa is endowed with some of the most powerful and hollow surf in the South Pacific. Solid ocean sweels rush out of the deep Pacific waters and explode onto the shallow coral reefs that surround the islands.

Year round, but especially from March to December, southern swells originating from deep Antarctic lows send consistant solid breaks along the South Coast. During the cyclone season (late November to April), huge cyclonic swells frequently roll unhindered to the coastline. Also, from December to February the same northern swell which lashes Hawaii unleashes its' power on the Northern Coast of Samoa. Numerous surf spots provide opportunities for great surfing at both high and low tide in this tropical paradise.


Your Surfing Holiday

Line Up Surf Samoa offers surfing packages to suit every budget - Mananoa Surf Camp at Simu on the South shore of Upulu next to Coconuts beach resort is situated on a beautiful, private beach with seven world class surf spots within a short boat trip of the camp including the famous Coconuts straight out the front. Your experienced Aussie surfer/guide will ensure that you can take advantage of the best breaks the islands have to offer, surfing in clean, clear water; no crowds, no hassles. In addition to providing transportation in the company's mini-bus.

Should the rare occasion occur when there is no swell, lagoon snorkelling or reef fishing trips will be available.

Samoa remains a land of mystery and intrigue in the tropical heart of Polynesia. The people are friendly and hospitable and will do their best to make your visit an enjoyable one. The tropical setting and inviting atmosphere, combined with some of the best surf in the Pacific, make Samoa the perfect place to experience a new surfing adventure.

Bookings are limited to ensure that your Samoan surfing holiday can be enjoyed without the hassles of crowded waves.

Samoa is one of the rarely explored surfing outposts which, with the help of Line Up Surf Samoa, could become the venue of your ultimate surfing holiday.