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Tara, Mandy and Rooster's Excellent Surfing Adventure with Teddy

This was a very special surf adventure for our little surf grommets, this adventure was Teddy's first trip and also her first time surfing.

Teddy was no stranger to the surf. Tara would take her (well we think Teddy is a she) to the beach and tell Teddy all about her surfing. So Teddy got so excited about this adventure that she forgot her swimmers. Nevertheless Mandy reminded us that she was only a Teddy and no-one would care (Rooster reminded us though that Humphrey Bear got in trouble for not wearing pants).

As usual, Rooster, or James Adam, as his Grandparents call him, was as keen as ever. After a really long drive up the coast our four young adventurers arrived at their secret surf spot.

The waves were about 4', Tara and Rooster went out to show Teddy what to do. Mandy looked after Teddy on the beach. Teddy was really nervous watching the waves, especially when Tara got a big wipe out. They came back in to take Teddy out, but she was too scared. Mandy had an idea, "let's find a place which only has 2' waves, then she won't be scared and we can teach her there."

Tara got out the Surfers Travel Guide in search of such a place. "I've found it" said Tara "a perfect right hand secret point, off shore and perfect for kids and teddies the book says." But unfortunately the book also warned them of sharks in the area all the time and a monster that lived in the sand dunes and surrounding bushes called the Yagon Monster.

This didn't bother them because they had Teddy with them and after all, Teddy protected them from scary things every night. So down the long dirt road they drove until they finally  came to this beautiful beach with perfect waves for kids, just as the book had said. It was sunny with fun little waves, yet Teddy was still scared, so Tara decided to take her out on her board. Rooster and Mandy also came out to surf and help look after Teddy.

It was easy to paddle out, and there were lots of kids surfing. They were friendly little kids, so friendly that every time Rooster caught a wave, the other kids also caught the wave with him. Wave after wave, kids would join Rooster. Mandy kept getting the nice wide waves while Tara and Teddy got the sets, 2' bombs. Teddy was so happy, one wave with Tara, one wave with  Rooster. Then a big set came in, a freak 3 footer. Mandy got caught inside with Rooster and freaked out.

Teddy and Tara were in the perfect position to drop the bomb. "Close your eyes Teddy and hold on tight" said Tara. Mandy and Rooster looked on in horror as Tara stroked into the wave. Straight down the face into the bottom turn to set up for the tube; the next thing Mandy and Rooster saw was Tara and Teddy disappearing into the barrel. "Come on, come on, make it" went through Mandy's mind. Then out popped Tara, out of the pit but there was no Teddy. Rooster quickly realised that Teddy must have jumped off the board inside the tube and went diving under the water to save Teddy. Seconds later up came Rooster with Teddy. "She's OK, but she got a small reef cut", said Rooster.

After calming Teddy down, they went back in, went to the shop and got a bag of mixed Lollies each.

There was no doubt that this was a day they would never forget.

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