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Post Card from the Maldives

Dear Mates,

G'day. Remember how I told you about the time I went to Sri Lanka in '89 and heard rumors of perfect waves just southwest of there, in the Maldives?

Well, about eight months ago a friend of mine, Glen Walsh, showed me a home video of a trip he took there last year. I couldn't believe it. The place looked insane. It had everything surfers generally dream about. After watching perfect waves breaking around isolated palmtree lined points and islands I knew there and then the Maldives would be the destination for my next surf trip.

After six months of planning and learning about the Maldives' seasons, winds and swell conditions we finally made it here.

We can't believe the place- its picture perfect. Everything I had heard about the place is completely true. The waves are perfect; the place is peaceful. No crowds, no hassles and the people are laid back and friendly.


I'm staying on this lush little island in a two-story Italian- style villa with Paul Parkes, Alex Carasco, and Robert Smallwood who are here on a promotional trip for Line Up Surfboards.

Right outside our room there's an unreal left-hand reef break, which breaks for about 200 yards, complete with two-barrel sections. Just across from our island lies a smaller island, which has a right breaking around one side and a left around the other, which has been good every day.

In fact, there are countless deserted islands with perfect waves breaking around them and, unlike many other tropical islands around the world, the waves break really close to the island and not on outer reefs. Plus the water is so clean here; it's like surfing in a swimming pool.


We have been here for a week and haven't seen one bad wave roll in. It's been 4'-6' every day, with offshore breezes from daylight to dark. We surf twice, three, four times a day, only stopping to eat and rest. There's no time for anything else.

The tourists here are mainly Italians and Germans and they can't work out where we disappear to all day or why we eat so much.

We are so stoked to have met Tony Hassen; an Australian surfer who was ship wrecked here in 1973 and has not left the place since. He's a great guy. He speaks the local lingo, understands the local customs and religions, knows where all the best waves are and is also very well liked and respected by the local people. I can't believe he has had this place to himself for over 20 years.


Anyway, I have to go. Tony is taking us on a trip by yacht up the coast in search of more perfection and I don't want to miss the boat.

By the way, I know you all will probably be on your way to the airport shortly after reading this letter. Think about this: the Maldives comprises more than 2000 islands spread over 800 miles with only 200 of them inhabited.

Unfortunately, some good breaks cannot be surfed due to local laws. Remember that the dominant religion of the Maldives is Islam, so there are many restrictions on tourists. Keep in mind, too, that it's not cheap.

Got to go now,

Wayne Ryan



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