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Shane Herring

Shane Herring is a born and bred Dee Why boy, was recently considered by tracks surfing magazine 40th anniversary issue as one of the most influencual surfers of the decade along with Kelly Slater. Their was no doubt that in surfing history was a definate changing of the guards. Conservative workman like competition surfing was strongly challenged by the footloose and fancy and spontanious arial attacks of the new breed. The Coke Surf Classic final held at Narrabeen saw young Shane Herring catch a bus from his hometown Dee Why where he became a held head name of beating Kelly Slater in the Coke Surfing Classic Final.  HerroHe also went on to finish number 3 in the ASP World Championship tour in the early 90's. After that he turned his hand working with Wayne Ryan and Chris Goulding on refining new models for the 2002 summer.

Today Shane preferes to free surf hanging out with hs mates between WA, Dee Why and Byron Bay.


Contest Results: 

  1. 1st Coke Classic '92
  2. 1st Bells (trails) '91
  3. 4th W.C.T. '92
  4. 1st Coke trails '91
  5. 1st Pro-Junior '90





Fav Hot Shot: 4 to 6ft shore beach breaks

Future World Champ: Joel Parko

Fav Music: Geoff Buckley / Beck

Fav Movie: Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Ambition: To get my style of surfing branded with my new model boards and prefect them so that others can enjoy that way of surfing.

If not a surfer: Stunt Man

Fav Food: Indian

Last Words: I love & enjoy riding flat rockered U bottom surf boards.