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Martin Barsky

MARTIN BARSKY       'Marty'                





Marty is a surfer from Maroubra, he is very talented chilled out surfer, loves to charge big solid waves, consideres by many of his peers amazing likable surfer with natural talent to burn

As a young competitive surfer marty was considered by many as a serious prospect. Today Marty works in security and preferres the chilled out free surfing lifestyle.


Surfing competition results that made the top 10, in whole your surfing life:

1st Christian Surfers Board Riders under 16’s
1st Maroubra Board Riders under 16’s

3rd Maroubra Board Riders Opens

3rd Southside Youth Titles under 14’s

2nd Southside Eliminations Cadets

2nd Ripcurl Search Sessions under 19’s

5th Jesus Pro Am Juniors

2nd Coolite Classic Juniors


Favourite surfspot in Australia:                   Local Bombie Break 

Favourite surfspot in Overseas:                  Lakey Pipe Marty

Favourite pro –male surfer :                    Kelly Slater

Favourite pro –female surfer :                   Stephanie Gilmore  

Favourite local surfer (male):                   Mark Mathews 

Favourite local surfer (female):                   Nicola Atherton 


Age you started surfing:                               7


Best manoeuvre:                                             Backside Air Reverse


How many boards do you have?                  5


Did you make any surftrips the last couple of years, if yes which spots?

Indo  - Uluwatu , canggu, lakey Peak, Lakey Pipe

Fiji- right hander infront of Hideaway Resort


Which trip did you like the most?                   Indo


Ultimate Surftrip, were would you go and who would you take:

back to Indo for more exploration. Would take a couple of mates that are laid back and looking for sick waves also




Good waves, quiet times, drinks with mates, fishing


crowds, cold water, no surf, bad drivers, injuries


Life motto:                                                      Go hard or go home,,,,,, that’s why I’m at home alot these days


Worst habit:                                                      Smoking


Would you rather be free surfer or competitor surfer?

Free as a bird


Worst thing about surfing

it’s become so mainstream, everyone wants to do it and now its always crowded


Best thing about surfing:                  Getting barrelled, just can’t beat it


If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?


Slater- gotta learn from the best 



Do you have any Goals that you want to reach in 2011/2012

try not to get injured, quit smoking


If I rule the world I….? 

would stop animal cruelty and claim a few surf breaks for myself