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Kyan Bowker

Kyan Bowker

Kyan Bowker


Kyan is our micro-grommet he is 5 years old and a Dee Why Beach local. He has been surfing for 2 years and he loves to watch the Dee Why local surfers, cause he can learn a lot of tricks from them especially from Iszac and Toby. Besides surfing he loves skateboarding and Rugby League.

Kyan Bowker

Age:                             5 Years old

Year at School:            Kindergarten

Sports interested:        Surfing, Skateboarding, Nippers, Rugby League and Blue belt Karate

Favourite surfers:        Mick Fanning, Toby Martin, Local surfer



Encouragement award from Dee Why Nippers this year, a trophy from Narraweena Haws Rugby League and i have a photo of me in the Manly Daily for Rugby League. I sometimes go to mosters skate park at Home Bush Park where they put me in the advanced class with some of the older kids.



My mum and dad take me to the skate park at Manly Vale where i like to skate in the skate bowl and on the ramps where the older kids gave me advice on how to do tricks and can’t believe that i am only 5 years old. I also go to Monsters skatepakr where i do lessons and free skate. I love to free skate at Dee Why Beach and anywere else we go, as i always have my skate board with me.

Kyan Skateboarding

Nippers at Dee Why:

is great as it teaches me about the surf and beach and having fun with my friends.



I play football for Narraweena under 6. I started when i was 4 years old and i playes in the team which was the 6 year old players who where going up in to the undersevens.


I want to keep learning new things and having fun while i do them. One day i maybe become a champ or a pro skater or surfer