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Sam Crawley


Sam Crawley


Sam the new acquisition in our team and we are very happy to have him in the team, he is a very motivated surfer and tries to be in the water whenever he can as much as possible. Besides surfing he is a sign writer and he loves weightlifting


Surfing competition results that made the top 10, in whole your surfing life?

I've only surfed  in one local contest. I became 4th


f you weren’t a surfer, which sport would you practice?



Favourite surfspot in Australia:                   Dee Why Sam Crawley

Favourite surfspot in Overseas:                  Samoa

Favourite pro –male surfer :                  Kelly Slater

Favourite pro –female surfer :                     Tara ryan


Favourite local surfer (male):                   Anthony durak mckay

Favourite local surfer (female):                Tara ryan


Favourite movie:                                         Kelly Slater black and white


Age you started surfing:                            9 years of age


Best manoeuvre:                                          vertical re-entrys


How many boards do you have?               4 surfboards


Did you make any surftrips the last couple of years, if yes which spots?

 Samoa: Maninoa


Which trip did you like the most?                   Sam Crawley

the surf trip to samoa, breaks: salas,aj's,coconuts


Ultimate Surftrip, were would you go and who would you take:

maldives with wayno








Most played song on your Ipod?                  Metalica


Favourite band at the moment:                  mad shadows


Worst habit:                                                      biting my nails.


Would you rather be free surfer or competitor surfer? free surfer

Who inspires you the most? kelly slater


Worst thing about surfing?

wearing sunscreen


Best thing about surfing

being in the ocean


If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?


Do you have any Goals that you want to reach in 2011/2012

Better contest results


If I rule the world I….? 

Encourage people to surf

Best person that you met this year?

Tim Southhall