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Craig Graham

Craig Graham

 Craig Graham is a Passionate surfer originally from South-Australia after spending many years in Cronulla beach he recently moved to the gold coast, He is a dedicated passionate surfer who spend almost any moment he can get to his hands on travelling around to world searching for waves and adventure


Here a interview with craig:


What do you do for living at the moment?

I work at Gold Coast Airport


Write down your surfing competition results that made the top 10, in whole your surfing life?

1st – Christian Surfers South Australia 1997

3rd – Christian Surfers Cronulla 2009

15th – South Australian State Titles 1994


What other sport do you practice?                  If not, what sport would you do if you weren’t a surfer?

I love snowboarding.  I used to compete in triathlons and played Aussie Rules in the QFL.


Favourite surfspot in Australia:                   Kings Head, South Australia 

Favourite surfspot in Overseas:                  Anywhere in the Maldives

Favourite pro –male surfer :                  Mick Fanning

Favourite pro –female surfer :                   Sally Fitzgibbons


Favourite local surfer (male):                  Just my mates on the Gold Coast

Favourite local surfer (female):                  Don’t know any of the local female surfers here


Favourite movie:     Predator Craig Graham


Age you started surfing: 11


Best manoeuvre:    Anything that involves all back foot power


How many boards do you have?    Seven


Did you make any surftrips the last couple of years, if yes which spots?

I’ve been to the Maldives three times, Samoa twice and Bali once plus a trip to Cactus in SA.


Which trip did you like the most?                                  

I love the Maldives.  The people are friendly, the country is stunning and the waves pump!


Ultimate Surftrip, were would you go and who would you take: Boat trip through the Maldives starting from the southern atolls and travelling through each atoll until we hit North Male Atoll and just surf as many different breaks as possible.


Surfing perfect waves, living on the Gold Coast, hanging with mates, going on surf trips, getting new boards, snowboarding, being a Christian.



Broccoli, onshore winds, flat days, racism.



Most played song on your Ipod?                  Apparently its She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult.  Who would have thought?

Favourite band at the moment:                  Dead Letter Circus and Karnivool 

Life motto:                                                      Work to live, don’t live to work


Worst habit:                                                      Chewing my nails


Would you rather be free surfer or competitor surfer? Free Surfer, it’s stress free and results don’t matter, just the feeling


Who inspires you the most? My mates and anyone who overcomes adversity and comes out a better person


Worst thing about surfing:

When you’re down the beach checking for surf and it’s cold, windy, raining and not a hint of swell anywhere.


Best thing about surfing:

Nothing beats getting barrelled. 


If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?


For surfing, Kelly Slater.  For life, Pastor Nick Vujicic – he is a legend


Do you have any Goals that you want to reach in 2011/2012

Surf somewhere completely new and unchartered


If I rule the world I….? 

Would probably completely make a shambles of it.



Most embarrassing moment of your life?

Sitting in music class in year 7 and letting a rather loud fart go which I was desperately trying to hold in because there was a cute girl I liked sitting next to me.



Best person that you met this year?

I didn’t meet them but I saw Mark Occhilupo and Mick Fanning at the Gold Coast airport within a week of starting work there