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Brett Murray

 Brett 'Chippa' Murray is a great surfer 


Author, Anti-Bullying Campaigner, Surf Movie writer, Director, producer


Write down your surfing competition results that made the top 10, in whole your surfing life? 

Christian Surfers Yearly Club Champion, Padstow Christian Surfers 1990, 1989 nsw state titles, 1st 1991 inter club championships christian surfers cronulla beach.


What other sport do you practice?            If not, what sport would you do if you weren’t a surfer? Triathalon, boxing


Favourite surfspot in Australia:             Dee Why Point, Boneyard Kiama,

Favourite surfspot in Overseas:            Chippa's reef Samoa, Jeffro's Samoa, Bingin Bali

Favourite pro –male surfer : Kelly Slater

Favourite pro –female surfer : Sally Fitzgibbons           


Favourite local surfer (male): Toby Martin           

Favourite local surfer (female): Tara Ryan           

Favourite movie:The Born Trilogy, Braveheart,


Age you started surfing: 9                       


Best manoeuvre: Barrel riding, Roundhouse cutback, Backhand snap                       


How many boards do you have? 3           


Did you make any surftrips the last couple of years, if yes which spots?

Yes, 2 X Samoa and Bali.


Which trip did you like the most?            

The second Samoa Trip we uncovered a new wave Jeffro's and Bali was great, good surf but had 7 mates with me. That's what made the trip fun.           


Ultimate Surftrip, were would you go and who would you take: To the Southern Maldives on the Lineup 5 Star boat with my mates. Special guests Slater, Potter, Curren, Fanning, and a camera crew of 4 so we don't miss a shot!



Jesus, Building His House, Spending time with my wife and kids especially surfing with my kids, empowering young people, surfing with friends, making surf Movies, public speaking, politics, having fun and staying fit


Most played song on your Ipod?           

Don't have an ipod! But if I did it would be something pretty rocky.


Favourite band at the moment:            Hillsong united, Stryper (All time Classic),


Life motto:

Have an impact, make a difference! Someone has to make history, might as well be you!


Worst habit:                                    Cleaning my ears in public.


Would you rather be free surfer or competitor surfer?

Free surfer, traveling the world in exotic locations


Who inspires you the most? People of conviction, my wife. (surfing) Kelly Slater 


Worst thing about surfing The expense involved in travel


Best thing about surfing; The freedom


If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?

Joel A'Belle, incredible leader and articulate speaker, Man of God


Do you have any Goals that you want to reach in 2011/2012 

Do a surf trip to maldives, Bali, G-land, Finish Firestorm 3, Go to America showing Firestorm 1 & 2, Buy a house


If I rule the world I….? 

Would surround myself with wise people


Most embarrassing moment of your life?

Running down the beach as a grommet in summer in front of all these pretty girls only to trip on my leg-rope and fall flat on my face in the sand!  I got up and ran straight into the water. Really embarrassing. I didn't get out of the water until the girls left the beach about 4 hours later


Best person that you met this year? 

Michael Frost, owner of Cold rock ice cream deli Terrigal