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Dale Sutton

Dale Sutton is from South-Australia and besides a surfer he is a Audio Visual Installer. This year will be his 15th year that he is joining our Line Up team and we are very proud and happy that he is still with us.


Surfing competition results that made the top 10, in whole your surfing life:

Have won a few Christian boardriders contest, done okay in a few state titles but haven’t compete for quite  a few years


What other sport do you practice?                   

Ride trail bokes, Ride motorcross 


Favourite surfspot in Australia: Caves Dale Sutton 

Favourite surfspot in Overseas: Maldives

Favourite pro –male surfer : Occy

Favourite pro –female surfer : Stephanie Gilmore


Favourite movie:  Shawshank redemption


Age you started surfing:    15


Best manoeuvre: Tube


How many boards do you have?  8


Did you make any surftrips the last couple of years, if yes which spots?

Samoa and the Maldives


Which trip did you like the most?

The Maldives


Ultimate Surftrip, were would you go and who would you take:

Jeffrey’s Bay and I would take my famliy 






Ride and impatient people



Most played song on your Ipod?                 

All the songs


Favourite band at the moment:     Kings of Leon


Life motto:                                    Live each day as if it’s your last


Worst habit:                                    Not listening Properly


Would you rather be free surfer or competitive surfer? 

Free surfer


Who inspires you the most?

My wife


Worst thing about surfing

Close-outs and crowded waves


Best thing about surfing

The Lifestyle 


If I rule the world I….? 

Would make a 4 day working week.