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Travel Stories


Welcome to the Line Up Surf Travel Stories page. We would like to consider the stories below from our team riders and friends of Line Up Surf THE REAL DEAL! 

Of course many surf magazines and video trips are nothing more than big company promo trips! in many cases where the surfers themselves only went because they were PAID TO GO! 

These are stories written by real surfers looking to get barreled, enjoy the different cultures they come across and to give them a life experience that they will never forget. They may also give YOU an idea of what you can expect if you are in fact travelling to one of these destination OR to compare your experiences with one of these story writers! Whatever it may be, we hope you enjoy our stories which date back to the early 90's right up to the present!

travel stories

      IMG_0403             Balangan1             _MG_5091             IMG_7455             Samoa

       AUSTRALIA                      BALI                           PNG                        MALDIVES                    SAMOA


      typhoon-surf-japan             20090520-underwater-surfer-brazo             newcal_intro6             raglan900             Photo-Jonathan-Yan,-Wu-shi-harbor,-Yilan,-Taiwan-1

               JAPAN                   MENTAWAIS            NEW CALEDONIA         NEW ZEALAND                TAIWAN


       catian             Surfboard             Negra shots 2008 151             550_AnwarKanjsurfDubaiUAE_R             l_137

          MEXICO                       HAWAII                  COSTA RICA                   DUBAI                            FIJI


               BRAZIL                 England            Pacific