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Dave Wood Custom Boards

Dave Wood Custom Boards

Dave Wood is a renowned shaper living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Dave has been licensed as a JC Hawaii shaper for 15 years and learnt the tricks of the trade from John Carper himself.

Daves boards are available for $595 depending on board size, fin system etc...

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David Wood of North Narrabeen has been shaping surfboards since 1988.

Dave has been shaping JC Hawaii surfboards under licence for 14 years and currently still shapes JC Hawaii boards.

Over the 20 years Dave has handshaped roughly eight thousand surfboards. He has shaped boards for numerous WCT riders, WQS and local professional riders: guys like Joel Parkinson, Fred Pattachia, Pancho Sullivan, CJ Hobgood, Kelly Slater, Andy irons, Damian Hobgod, Sereena Brookes, Dayan Neave, Travis Logie, Roy Powers, Royden Bryson, Tom Whittaker, Adriano de Sousa, Jeremey Flores and Dan Ross.

Dave has been trained by internationally renowned shaper, John Carper, and local shaper Bryan Newton of Warriewood. Bryan has sinced moved to Indo and has established himself as a well respected local shaper. John Carper's list of achievements in the industry is endless and legendary.

His passion for surfing and shaping is just as strong today as it was when he first started.

Over the past two years he has designed and constructed a state of the art XYZ shaping machine, the 
SURFMASTER, which allows him to input his knowledge and years of shaping experience into each design, producing truely fully functional high performance surfboards.

His aim is to make surfboards with clean foils and lines and now he can replicate those magic boards which he found was the biggest challenge. The 
SURFMASTER machine provides the technology to make this challenge a reality.

We use the best materials available on all our boards. Silmar resin and dion foam and with this formula the boards are incredibly white, strong and durable with the correct amount of flex.





Dave Wood Board Range

Dave woods designs



A board for the high performance surfer. It has an accelerated rocker with a rolled v-bottom before the front foot blending into a single concave blending to slight concave through the tail. This design is proven in all wave sizes and is a real blast.
From 5 ’ to 7’ 6 “


This board is in the semi-gun range. A scaled up version of the R-1 but designed for the bigger days and the paddling required for those sticky situations. Very smooth and direct down the line.


Built for bigger or older guys who still want to perform. Easy paddling and wave entry without the restrictions of a mini mal. A little wider and thicker with a lot less rocker all combine to provide a versatile board for the guy getting back into it or the intermediate surfer moving on from the mini mal. From 6'10" - 7'6".


A versatile small wave weapon for those small fun days. She'll actually perform up to 4 ft. Flatter nose rocker with accelerated tail rocker and a blended single concave throughout. Extra rail volume for flotation and paddling ability.


The ever popular hybrid design for those guys/girls who want to get off the shortboard, not go to a mini mal but still have the ability to perform in every condition.


The perfect beginner board or funboard for flat, slower waves. Extra width and volume for stability and clean rocker for catching the waves. The wider nose provides stability and helps catch the wave a little earlier. Also has a double concave within a vee tail and rolled vee in front of the front foot for turning ability.


By studying the lines and foils of his sizey retro collection and using the 
SURFMASTER  to tweak the shaping.
Dave Wood has designed an early 80's replica of a 3 times world champ's board. It comes with either a squash or rounded pin tail. It has a vee bottom plus single concave running throughout both sides of the stringer with an accelerated nose rocker and minimal tail rocker - an absolute blast!
If you want to have fun this summer it's a must for your quiver.


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