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Bells Beach By Nicola Atherton

Bells Beach By Nicola Atherton


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Surfing Trip to Bells Beach 2001

My recent trip to Bells is the best surf trip I have been on (it's the only surf trip I've been on). Although the surf wasn't A+, it was still sick.

I had heaps of laughs with the Grommet Tara and her dad Wayne, Pedro the Brazillian photographer and Leice, his "girlfriend".

It all started on Thursday 15th (of March) at about six o'clock outside Wayne's shop, where we all threw the gear in the car, squashed ourselves in and made tracks for the Hume Highway. On our way down to Melbourne we sampled every McDonalds on the side of the highway and believe me, that's a lot of McDonalds.

After about six hours of driving, Wayne decided to pull into one of those truck rest areas, so we could have a bit of rest. As we were all about to go to sleep, Wayne decided to tell us about a UFO sighting, spotted in the valley we were parked near. It was about little green men who came down to earth, probed a few people, then went home - "very original". After an hour or two of sleep, we took off and headed towards Torquay.

Before finding a place to stay, we checked out the local beaches. The surf was pretty windblown and wasn't great but we were still stoked. We found a small caravan park near Ocean Grove Beach, where the Reef and Dragon Girls Surf Spree was going to be held and settled into a small cabin, with three rickety bunks and a small double bed.

That day we went and looked at all the surf factories. We also went and had a look around the Quiksilver offices and met all the reps. We then headed down Ocean Road in search of surf, but in the end we stopped at a small point break, which had fun two foot waves.

Victoria has the best food I have ever eaten. That night for dinner we stopped at a small pizza place. I have never eaten pizza that good.

After dinner we went back to our small cabin and retired for the night. The next morning I awoke to Tara yelling something at Wayne. Once everyone was up we packed the car and headed off to the comp at Ocean Beach. We didn't quite know where the beach was, so we followed any cars that had boards on them. We eventually got there, to discover the surf was two foot white wash.

To cut a long story short, I got 2nd overall and Tara unfortunately was knocked out in the first round. Although the surf was bad, it was still a good day. I got to meet Jody Smith, so that was an experience.

After the comp we went and surfed Wigipop. It was a bit lumpy, but was lots of fun. After our surf we stopped off at the local RSL for a feed, then drove around looking for accomodation. There was only one problem, everywhere was either closed or there were no vacancies. In the end we decided to go back to the caravan park we stayed at the other night, because we knew how to get in.

Once in we slept on a small patch of grass near the entrance. Tara, Leice and I got Pedro's two man tent, while Wayne & Pedro got the car. Our stuff was placed next to our tent and covered by a sun shelter tent. (Very safe).

In the morning the surf had picked up and it was perfect, so we went and surfed 13th beach where Wayne and Pedro got some photos of Tara and I. We didn't stay there for long because we wanted to surf Bells before we left. On the way up to the car at 13th Beach two big black dogs started running at Tara and I. As they got closer I grabbed Tara, held her in front of me and hid behind her. We both nearly "Cacked" ourselves, but luckily the owner called them off.

Before surfing Bells, we stopped off at Maccas to get a healthy, nutritious breakfast. We could only surf Bells for a short time, because we needed to start making our way home.

After our surf I stole some sand as a memento and helped pack the car. We then headed back to the Hume Highway. The trip home was a bit quiet because everyone was a bit tired from our expedition. Once again, we stopped off at nearly every McDonalds on the side of the highway.

Overall, the trip was a blast; it will be a life long memory.


By Nicola Atherton
March 2001