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Fiji Islands


Tropical weather and warm water, more than threehundred islands with heaps of coral
reefs, where you can find the friendly native people fishing. BULA!!!!
Fiji has surf most of the year, but the best swells coming during the dry season,
March to October. All these photos were taken during the wet season
November to February. That also produce excellent waves.

This was the first day of surf in Fiji... We awoke and we didn't realized how good it was going be out there... We surfed a barrelling left hand called " Frigate " nice 5 foot waves for 3 days...
...more than a dream...


Cloudbreak - a thick left barrel...   Wilkes - a fast wave on a shallow reef...


If you are not staying on Tavarua Island, you can only surf Cloud Break... on Saturdays -- I had no ideas about these kind of rules before going to Fiji: "How can someone own the break???"-- Where is the real surf essence...?


During this time surf is just getting better in all aspects-- it is the progress!!!!... The business side is the part of the show that we really need to be carefully of... the surf industry is better now and everything is going alright, but when you think about the relationship between surfers and the feeling we get when surfing a wave, we presume that is not superficial, but Tavarua rules are.


Thanks to Wayne for all his great surfboards.

 A special thanks to " Xico " for the HTML help and, to wonderful friend and travel partner Adriana.


All photos by Pedro and Adriana Words by Pedro Pessoa Goncalves