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I’m sure you have heard of the Mentawais, we all have! It’s the most talked about and debated place for surfers to go. Every surfing magazine has coved a story on it, every credited pro surfer has been there, every top company has done photo shoots there and most of all EVERY true surfer dreams of going there! You can imagine my surprise when I got the opportunity to Join Nat Young and good friend Sam Watson on a trip to the Mentawais, to shoot for Bic's surfboards new catalogs and advertisement campaign.

At first when I received a call off my dad, telling me about the invitation to surf and model for them, I was in total shock!A dream that I had since I was 7 was about to be for filled! The next 3 weeks past very fast and before I knew it I was meeting Sam Watson, Simon Wills (Photographer) AKA Swilly, Nava, Bryce and Nat Young at Singapore airport. 8 board bags, 30 boards, 9 luggage bags, 5 carry on bags, 6 people and 24 hours latter we arrived in the Mentawais! We had all bonded very well over the past 24hours, I’m not quiet sure if it was the long stories on the plane, jet lag, sleeping pills, sharing of our sea sick tablets, helping each other out with the nausea problem on our 12 hour sea crossing, or the close living quarters but I think all of this combined made us all become very close by the arrival at our destination!

When we reached the Mentawais Islands, we all raced out of our cabin to have our first view of the Mentawais Island! To our amazement we thought that we were put in a post card! Hundreds of little islands scattered over torques tropical water. Each island contains palm trees, coconuts and white sandy beaches. The best thing of all is that we knew that there were hundreds of amazing surfing spots that we can surf! We spent the afternoon surfing away into the night. Immersed by the Mentawais heat and warm tropical water, with perfect waves. We spent the next 7 days surfing, searching and shooting photos on Bic surfboards. To our amazement the Bic boards were so functional, we defiantly had a board for every surf condition. We all thought that riding such a vase amount of boards really helped developed our surfing throughout the trip to. Swily took photos of us from sun up to sun down everyday. We surfed too many places to count, but my favorites were Hollow Trees, Burger world and Maccaronies (now I know why it’s every pro surfer’s Favourite wave in the world).

Nat was an absolute legend and made sure that no other boats of surfers took our waves, Sam looked after me like a big brother and just surfing with him pushes you to try new things and to improve your surfing, and Kaster (the chief) was all of our Favourite! He was amazing, cooked up a storm from sun up to sun down and made us eat like royalty. The weather was amazing and we started to find our selves hiding from the sun and heat! Everyone was surfing well and challenging each other. It was so amazing to be in paradise, no one around but the Bic crew and perfect waves.

On the second last day we spent a full day on a remote tropical island shooting the life style photos. It was our first foot step on land the whole trip. It was amazing to meet people from such a vast culture and see how they lived. We got all the photos needed, and headed back to our beloved boat. Every day was an adventure for all of us, new surf, new locations and new opportunities to get better photos. The evenings were filled with stories of the day we had, amazing food and bintangs while we would sit on our boat and watch the sunset over the prestige water. On the last afternoon we all enjoyed late afternoon surf. Every time I paddled back out from catching a wave I would see Nat standing in a tube, with his hands out and the biggest smile on his face! There were so many kids paddling on all types of crafts, sitting in the channel watching us and some even challenging us. It was such a highlight to surf with kids that the only communication we could have with them were smiles.

We all got back on the plane to travel home, sunburnt, cut, scared, dinged boards, worn out boardshorts, dirty clothes, tired, jet lagged but with the biggest smiles on our face and with memories in our minds that we will never forget. Tips: Although Indonesia has great waves, it is still a country with a lot of corruption and political unrest. Mentawaii's is a difficult place to get to, which does involve a 12-hour crossing from Sumatra. Most of the waves are reef that cater for good to elite surfers. Malaria is a big issue for the mentawaii's, be prepared. Don’t forget to take your booties, rashies, hat and a couple bigger boards and be prepared for some of the sickest waves in the world I had a lot of fun riding the BIC boards and I thoroughly recommend them to surfers of all levels who want a well price, durable board for beginners to even elite surfers.