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Travel Report

It was that time of year where the Ryan family would go on a surfing adventure.

Oh we did not just go with the Ryans but as Dad would say we took our fake brother James Roster Adams. We checked in with 50 boards, well about that and boarded the plane. Every one slept most of the 9 hour flight. We were staying at wikkie. We started walking on the beach and heard people arguing about something. We stopped and looked and we found two guys there. We started talking to them. They were angry over their piece of a towel that was wet from the rain. They were going to travel to the other island and Busch. What a life. We grabbed our boards and a limousine to our hotel. When we got there we were so jetlagged that we slept to the morning. We woke up to bright blue skies and perfect Waikkie waves.

After a surf at Waikkie we decided to hire a BIG car and head to the North Shore. It was pumping, I mean pumping. 8 to 10 foot perfect Sunset. Dad, Roster and I grabbed our boards and sprinted for the surf. While Mum, Mandy and Teagan just sun baked. Roster was into it like a rocket. Dad was so kind to sit with me out wide and watch the sets. I said to myself after every wave, that was the best wave of my life. We would sleep all night and get up and surf at least 3 to 8 foot every day. Fun! Fun!

For the next few days we surfed Sunset, Chuns and Halieva. My dad (Wayne) has the best contacts. He had Eric Arakawa call us up and invited us to his weekly surfer bible study. That was so much fun meeting lots of people that night. So we decided to meet for a surf the next day at Halieva. It was so fun surfing with his family and him. We also meet some friends from Australia. Lucky us we bumped into the Bay Watch scene. The friends from Australia had a 3-year-old that fell in love with Roster. I'm not sure if he felt the same. The waves were so sick. Every day it was about 3 to 8 foot with blue skies and 32oC days. So 50 hours of surfing latter, well 3 days, we went to Eric's house. He showed us all the reefs and the landforms. Damn! Waimea bay was flat as flat can be. I saw all the pictures of that place pumping. I really wanted to surf?Waimea Bay. I think that Sunset was my favorite place to surf. I even started to get to know some of the locals. It was like they gave me some waves. Dad was ripping and blowing up to the max. Roster was in the pit 24 7. Hey! Our reason for going to Hawaii was to go in the Marahuni contest. The divisions was like under 2, u4, u6, u10, u12 andveterans u14. It was canceled because it was 3 foot (too small for them).?

Hawaii improved my surfing so much especially in big waves. So basically we shopped, ate, slept, surfed and did some sight seeing. For an example we went to the pineapple plantation and the hula show. Roster and Mandy went off. The last day we hired an 11 foot mal and I went tandem with Roster. All the family had a go. It came to that sad time of the trip that we had to say good bye to all the friends we had made. We started thinking of winter back in Sydney. We all slept most of the way home. When we arrived in Sydney I was in a summer dress and we looked out side to 15oC and raining. I want to go back to Hawaii!

Facts and tips

  • Hawaii is hot all year round both air and water.
  • No wetsuits needed.
  • Hawaii is more expensive than U.S main land.
  • Hawaiians are friendly and proud of their heritage.
  • The waves are crowded and powerful.
  • Hawaii has waves all year round with biggest being November to March. (Be careful regardless of your ability to surf).
  • Hawaiian Islands are small with Honolulu being the Capital.
  • Hawaiians love all water sports and boards sports.
  • Hawaiians are very family orientated.
  • Remember you're a visitor respect the place and the beautiful people.
  • Last but not least take a big board.