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Shane Herring

Dee Why's Shane Herring who in the early 90's along with Kelly Slater brought in the new guard of Surfing as we know it, today is currently working and riding with Line Up. Shane, who many believe was one of the most naturally gifted surfers of all time rose to prominence after beating Kelly Slater to win the Coke Surf Classic at Narrabeen. He also went on to finish number 3 in the ASP World Championship tour in the early 90's has now turned his hand working with Wayne Ryan and Chris Goulding on refining new models for the coming 2002 summer. Shane who had a close relationship with master shaper Greg Webber is excited about the new opportunity to put years of surfing, travelling, competing and training into helping others achieve greater joy from the sport of surfing which gave him so much. Keep an eye out in Waves Surfing Magazine for some insane photos of Shane at Dee Why Point shot by Justin Crawford in a recent epic Swell which includes a double page spread of Shane in his beloved Dee Why Point barrels. As the photos will show, Shane has lost very little of the natural ability that took him to the top of modern surfing.

Lives: Dee Why


Contest Results: 

  1. 1st Coke Classic '92
  2. 1st Bells (trails) '91
  3. 4th W.C.T. '92
  4. 1st Coke trails '91
  5. 1st Pro-Junior '90


Fav Hot Shot: 4 to 6ft shore beach breaks

Future World Champ: Joel Parko

Fav Music: Geoff Buckley / Beck

Fav Movie: Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Ambition: To get my style of surfing branded with my new model boards and prefect them so that others can enjoy that way of surfing.

If not a surfer: Stunt Man

Fav Food: Indian

Last Words: I love & enjoy riding flat rockered U bottom surf boards.